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FREE  Transform Your Life Story webinar!

Change your mindset, Change your story, Change your life

October 29th 7-9pm

During this FREE webinar we Will Cover The Steps to Transforming Your Story



What stories are you telling about the events of your life and who you are because of them?

Change The Narrative:

Evaluate what needs to change.

Rewrite The Story:

Use those changes to move forward in your life

This Challenge is For You If:

  • You know that life is meant to be more

  • You want to develop self-confidence and a success identity

  • You’re ready to let go of past baggage and pain that no longer serves you

  • You want to quiet that inner critic and empower your self-talk

  • You’re ready to stop self-defeating patterns and habits

  • You’re ready to unleash your potential

  • You’re ready to take back control of the pen with which you write the story of your life

Your life movie was written automatically over your lifetime, and most of it is completely unconscious—meaning you don’t even realize the stories you tell.


But what you WILL do by the end of this challenge is:

  1. Develop a foundation of self-awareness 

  2. Change your thoughts about your life story

  3. Release this old story

  4. Rewrite your new story

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Before joining the program I was stuck in my personal and business life. I had such a terrible mindset that I couldn't reach the success I wanted. Angie is great! She gives you the tools you need and holds you accountable for your own story!

Domonique Acoff  /Founder and CEO at Elegant Beauty Co

I swear I experienced a total transformation after taking these classes. I was able to realize that I control my story and my own success!



Presented by Angela Mitchell,
Founder & CEO of Back to Her

Angela M Mitchell is a mental health advocate, International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Certified Master Life, and Personal Development Coach, and Entrepreneur

She earned her BS of Health Services Administration from Bryant and Stratton College and worked for over 24 years in eldercare, specializing in dementia care.


While living with both anxiety and depression,  Angela experienced struggles in maintaining her business and personal relationships. In that struggle she was able to change her own narrative and her entire life path. She reignited her passion and rediscovered her earthly purpose.

She knew there were many other women in those same shoes who needed someone to guide them through the process of self-discovery. It was in those dark moments that The Back to Her Personal Development Academy was born.

She now works with other women entrepreneurs who are struggling with emotional overwhelm and have suffered from depression and anxiety to acknowledge their struggles, change the narrative, and rewrite their life's story so that they can tap into their divine purpose and reach their full potential.

"As an Evolution Engineer and Creative Concepts Strategist I'm here to live, love, learn, and to impact the lives of my sisters through education, inspiration, and empowerment."

Smiling Girl
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