The Joy of Living an Authentic Life

Updated: Oct 14

There’s going to come a time in your life when your mind poses a question that you can’t answer. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. You dismiss it, try to put it out of your mind, yet it keeps coming back, and you can’t get rid of it no matter how hard you try. It’s like having a pebble in your shoe. First, it’s just a slight irritation, but if it’s left there, it becomes a blister, and if that’s left, it will eventually become infected.

The question that we will all face at some point is: Is this all that my life will be? No, this can’t be it! There’s got to be more to it than this. Where did I go wrong? What can I do to fix it? This is not how I don’t want my life to be.

We’ve all had it. The feelings of frustration, anxiety, lack of fulfillment, doubt, and indecision seem to show up with monotonous regularity, don’t they? Well, if you sit around doing nothing, they are going to keep on showing up! The only way to get rid of those feelings is to get up off your behind and CHANGE something!

Living Authentically

Most of us dream about living a peaceful life, one where we make enough money to be able to spend less time working, and more time with the people we care about doing the things that make our hearts sing.

This is simply another way of saying they want to live an Authentic Life. Authenticity is the outcome of what you think, say, and do becoming harmonious. It’s the only possible outcome.

Imagine life would be if you woke up each morning with a smile on your face because you couldn’t wait to get at it? Like when you were a kid, you know, you couldn’t wait to go outside to hang with your friends.

Your life becomes increasingly authentic when you begin to feel happy every day. That means letting go of the people, places, and things that no longer serve you.


● People in your life who are unsupportive of your authenticity

● Places you visit that don’t align with your present life

● Activities you may have been involved in for years

● Old habits, thoughts, and expectations

So, What Do I Need to Let Go?

  1. People. If the people you spend time with no longer make you happy, let them go. It doesn’t matter who they are, this includes friends and family. If you want to live authentically, it is essential to acknowledge and accept where your unhappiness is coming from. If you allow negative people and their negative energy to surround you, you will remain stagnant and will never grow.

  2. Places. What about the places you visit? Are there places you go to for entertainment, education, or recreation that you don’t enjoy? It may even be a job that you have to go to every day. If you’re not happy when you go in and not satisfied when you come out, then why are you going? Yes, I know that you must maintain your life and family or whatever obligations you may have. But I also know that we only get one shot at this life thing, so why not make it the best and most authentic life it can be.

  3. Thoughts. What do you spend your time thinking about? Is your mind filled with doom and gloom? Are you constantly thinking of the worse possible scenarios or outcomes? Do your thoughts create anxiety, disappointment, or even anger? Why would you focus on any of that? How can that serve you?

The people, places, and experiences that you have allowed to take a hold of you are weighing you down. But unfortunately, no successful drive or positive thinking will change anything for you until you face the real issue.

Every person, place, or thing that doesn’t make you happy is like a huge boulder you put in your backpack when you go hiking. You won’t get far before all that extra weight begins to slow you down, yet you still entertain the thoughts about things and people that no longer serve you.

Your life is heavy, and every day is a struggle to keep moving, all because that bag has gotten too heavy to lift. You wonder why your life is so difficult, and why you can’t move forward? Come on now, it’s time to unload the heavy rocks from your bag and fill it with the light that comes with living your life on your own terms!


What Will Happen When I Choose to Live Authentically?

  1. You start thinking of people, places, and things that have made you happy at different points in your life.