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Welcome to Back To Her Marketing Solutions

Grow Your Vision

Welcome to Back to Her, where we specialize in helping women entrepreneurs like you establish a strong digital presence, build engaged communities, and increase profitability with our range of services.


Whether you're looking for digital and content marketing strategies, brand development services or want to enroll in our Boss Brand Academy™, we've got you covered.

Our approach is grounded in real-life examples and practical applications, so you can apply what you learn immediately to your business.


We're proud to say that our students and clients have seen incredible results - with most increasing their sales by 10x after taking our classes, joining the academy, or receiving a personalized brand marketing strategy.


With support resources and a friendly community, you'll have everything you need to succeed. Let us help you take your business to the next level.


Take a look around to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your business goals. We can't wait to see what you'll accomplish!

Helping Women Grow a Strong Digital Presence, Build Engaged Audiences, and Gain More Visibility Using Quality Content and Digital Marketing Strategies That Convert

Working With the Best Clients and Partners


Meet The CEO

Thank you for stopping by to check us out! I'm Angela M Mitchell, the CEO and founder of Back to Her and Back to Her Marketing Solutions.


But, my path to entrepreneurship wasn't an easy one, it was rocky as hell, and I tripped over a few of those rocks. I struggled with anxiety and depression and had to work hard to transform my mind so I could transform my life and my business.


I reignited my passion, rediscovered my purpose, and reinvented myself, and I started Back to Her to help other women overcome their challenges and achieve their dreams.

As an award-winning international best-selling author, international speaker, Certified Content Marketing Strategist, and Digital Marketing Specialist, I work with women who are tired of playing small, and are ready to take their businesses to the next level.


I help them establish a solid digital presence, build engaged audiences, and increase their profitability. In other words, I help women make more money!

I firmly believe that every woman can be a successful entrepreneur with the right resources and support. It is my mission to help as many women as I can reinvent themselves and build Boss Brands™!

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How I Can Help

You have created your brand and built a beautiful web site; you have a social media presence and an awesome product or service you want to provide. But you're still not visible. That's where I come in! I know how important a solid digital presence is for your business; however, your audience needs to be able to find you.

We provide coaching, live training, and intensive programs that will help you create a powerful brand marketing strategy that will increase your visibility and establish you as an expert in your niche, using quality content and digital marketing tactics that convert to more sales. 

Renita D Davis


I have taken several classes that were facilitated by Angie Mitchell and she is knowledgeable and throrough with the information she shares. Each time I left class empowered, inspired, and with an objective for my next steps. She holds you accountable as she encourages you through the journey. Definetly someone you want on your team.

Marvis Hinesman

Out of The Box Press

Honestly, as a novice to this area of expertise it is all confusing; however, I feel more confident to gain a greater level of mastery after taking Angie's courses! She made hearing and learning the information interesting, and I will not hesitate to take any course Angie offers!

Domonique' A.

Elegant Beauty Co

Coach Angie took us step by step through the branding and marketing process and I have implemented each one in my business! This boot camp changed the game for me!
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